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Love was in the air last month when I launched a competition for a free spot on my ‘Learn to talk dog’ course, asking dog lovers from across the globe to share their ‘I love my dog so much I…’ confessions!

It all started when I bought a new car and made the decision about what model to go for almost entirely based on whether or not my dog would like it, and it turns out that I’m not alone when it comes to decisions that involve my dog. We had some fabulous entries and I just wanted to share a few of the fabulous responses that we received.

A number of entries admitted to making car purchase decisions based on the needs of their four-legged companions:

I dragged my poor husband round numerous car showrooms, only to get there and find the car wouldn’t be to my 2 Dobermans liking. Never looked at any of the cars, just the boot – found one they approved of eventually” – Mandy Ellis

Home improvements and even purchasing a brand new property also featured heavily in our confessions!

I love my dogs so much…We moved 120 miles to a house that had a huge garden that the dogs could enjoy… I have also retired early from the police in order to spend more time with them.” Nikki Hazell

I love my dog so much I had the entire back garden remodelled and astro (turf) put down just for him.” – Becky Louise Marden

 “I built an extension for my dogs! Including a doggie shower. Gone are the cars, we now own 2 van’s and a caravan.” Sarah Sansome

I love my dog so much our choice of bed was selected based on could Brandy (large dog) fit underneath as it was her safe place, we also chose our house based on being able to get home lunchtime so she wouldn’t be left alone too long on days we were both working.” – Amanda Coupland

With so many wonderful entries, it took the team quite some time to settle on a competition winner, but we all loved one particular vehicle-based confession!

I love my dogs so much that we bought a new home in the country so the dogs had lots of space and walks on the doorstep. We bought a VW Caravelle so they could be driven around in style and comfort and we have just bought a Motorhome so we can go anywhere on holiday with them. They also have more beds, blankets and sofas than me to chill out on. In fact, every decision I make, from clothes to furniture, to socialising, is based on whether it accommodates the dogs – I just love them so much” – Jules Moreton-Ford.

This competition provided a fabulous insight into the unique decision-making processes of dog lovers and owners, and it was wonderful to see so much love and compassion shared by everyone who entered. 

And though the competition is over for now, if you’re one of those people who really cares about what your dog thinks and feels, and want to understand them better, my ‘Learn to talk Dog’ course could be the perfect programme for you.  It’ll help you to become a ‘canine mind-reader’! Although we will never know for sure, there are clues that you can learn which will help you to understand dog body language more deeply, helping you to assess and even predict canine behaviour. 

If you’d like to learn more, visit Learn to Talk Dog HERE.

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