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21 Days to a Clever Dog!

The most effective online training programme that transforms your dog into the Clever Dog he is, in just 21 days

Your dog is extremely clever, and he learns very quickly when trained in short, frequent chunks.

The problem is, traditional training methods don’t do this.

It’s time to try a different way…

Embark on the 21 Days to a Clever Dog Programme and you’ll experience fast, effective ways to train your dog in 21 days with fun daily, bite-sized videos and guides.

To maximise your dog’s training, each daily video will teach you more than one training exercise per day, which is the fastest route to improved impulse control, and is guaranteed to improve and sometimes even resolve any behaviour problems your dog may face.

Designed and directed by Sarah Whitehead, the UK’s leading canine Trainer and Behaviourist, this revolutionary programme can transform any dog, regardless of size or breed – and all using kind, positive methods.

Want to know the secret to why we’re so confident?

To prove this programme is ‘not just another dog training method’, Sarah filmed the training using rescue dogs she’d never met, had no indication of their background or any previous training and were straight out of the kennel.

The results speak for themselves! Now, imagine what you can do with your beloved dog?

21 Days to a Clever Dog Challenge works because it focuses on the 4 key areas critical to canine learning: responsiveness, obedience, behaviour and relationship.

It’s fool-proof, fun and perfect for:
New Puppies • Rehomed/Rescued dogs • Dogs with behaviour or training problwems • Owners with busy lives

What you want. What your dog needs.

The 21 Days to a Clever Dog Programme has taken 2 years’ of creation to bring to life, and has been described “the best thing Sarah has ever produced for pet owners and their dogs”.

This project has been a personal goal of Sarah’s for some time, as she has such strong feelings for providing not just the best training for new puppies, but also for older dogs and rescues.

Dogs who perhaps haven’t had the best start, or maybe have been in the background of busy family life and are at times a little tricky – these are the dogs this programme was made for.

With the 21 Days to a Clever Dog Programme, it’s their time to shine.

Unlike traditional canine training programmes, this course doesn’t do the boring basics, in fact we have torn up the training rule book to give you the most effective, proven methods to train your dog swiftly whilst ensuring you both have fun in the process! It’s really unique!

Because, at the end of the day, as owners, we just want to ensure our dogs: 

  • Be responsive to us and come when they’re called
  • Don’t pull us around everywhere when we go on walks
  • Don’t embarrass us by being naughty when guests come round for a cup of tea!

Complete the exercises in less than 4 minutes per day for 21 days, and you may not see perfection – after all, we don’t all want obedience champions – but you WILL see a huge improvement in your dog.

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About Sarah

Creator of the 21 days to a Clever Dog Programme, Sarah Whitehead is a world-renowned lecturer and Certified Clinical Animal Behaviour specialist. As well as having her own behavioural practice she runs no less that seven successful businesses and she’s one of the UK’s leading authorities in canine behaviour and training.

With over 27 years’ experience, and 25 published books, Sarah is one of the most recognised and respected professionals in the field.

Sarah’s modern theories and training that focuses on positivity, the science of learning, and fun have led to revolutionary changes within the industry.

Training with better behaviour at its heart.

As a highly qualified behaviour specialist, Sarah’s diary is packed pretty solid, and requests for consultations for ‘tricky dogs’ come thick and fast. Not wanting to disappoint people by making them wait up to five weeks (or more, sometimes!) to be seen, Sarah created helpful video training sessions that owners could learn from and use straight away, in the comfort of their own home, to at least help them get started.

To Sarah’s surprise, after following these lessons, owners would get in touch and say they didn’t need her help anymore – they had built a strong relationship with their dog and improved responsiveness and training so much they had eradicated further need for training help! And where she did still need to see them, the Programme made building on their success so much easier.

As a result, Sarah decided to make this revolutionary approach to training available to all owners and the 21 Days to a Clever Dog Online Programme was born!

Get 21 Days to a Clever Dog for just £63! as a fast action by clicking below now!


Not at all! You have LIFETIME ACCESS, so if you’ve got a holiday booked or maybe a busy few days coming up, that’s ok, you might like to re-do some of the more tricky modules again to cement the learning or maybe you’d just like to take the programme at a slower pace – that’s fine, this is your programme, your way. You will have access for life to play, pause and re-play as you wish.

Yes, you can train as many dogs as you like using this programme – but, you must train them individually. This is because at the outset, you and your dog are learning together – and it’s impossible for you to split your focus and attention on more than one dog at once. If you have more than one dog and think that the others will get frustrated at being separated when you are training, then manage the situation so that it doesn’t become stressful. Use a baby gate, or give the other dog/ s something to chew while you are doing the training with the ‘chosen one’. It is only a few minutes each day, and honestly, if you can’t separate your dogs for just a few minutes without them creating merry havoc then it means the need to do training with each of them individually is even more important.

Opinions on dog training techniques are always a hot topic! However, what matters to us here at the Clever Dog Company is that:

  • It works!
  • Your dog enjoys it
  • It’s based on using positive methods which enhance your relationship (not punishment, which is potentially damaging)
  • It’s based on a scientifically proven method of learning and training (called ‘operant conditioning’)
  • It’s quick (because not many people have time to spare these days)

However, no matter what the science is behind our methods, the important thing for most dogs (and owners) is that it’s just a little bit different. Each exercise is introduced as a fun challenge – so that you are not simply going through a ‘rule book’ of basic exercises such as sit, stay or heel.

The 21-day programme has been designed to demonstrate and teach the training exercise in very short sessions. Indeed, the average video length for each day is just three minutes. This is because time and time again we hear that what stops most people from training their dog isn’t lack of skill or ability – it’s time. Of course, after each video lesson, you can choose how long to spend on each exercise – and of course, the more you practise, the better your dog’s responsiveness will be. In addition, we know that sometimes you might want to learn more about a certain aspect of your dog’s behaviour and training – to go into more depth on the whys and wherefores of each exercise, we have put together over 50 owner guides which accompany the sessions. So, while the instruction itself is fast, you can spend much longer exploring the more in-depth information if you choose.

Both Sarah and Stella own rehomed dogs – and are proud of it! They also chose to work with rescue dogs that they had never met before, to show you how to get started with your own dog. Of course, if you have just picked your dog up from a rescue centre, you will want to give him a short while to settle in – and you’ll need to make sure that he or she is comfortable being around you and in a home environment. For most dogs this takes just a few days – while others may need longer. If you are concerned about how your dog is coping in his new home, contact your nearest trainer for advice.

We know that the earlier you start to train puppies, the better! Young dogs are like little sponges – just waiting to soak up new information, and it’s vital that we teach them all the right behaviours so that they don’t fall into the habit of wrong ones! However, like all things in life, a little common sense is required. If you have a very young puppy, then bear in mind that his attention span will be shorter, that his bones and joints are developing, and that he will need to learn all kinds of other basic life skills (such as how to get along with other dogs and house training) in addition to learning to be responsive to your commands.

Sarah and Stella developed this training programme with dogs who have challenging behaviours in mind. This is because in just three weeks, good foundations can be built using positive, non-confrontational training that can dramatically improve some behaviour problems. However, while it will help, this training programme can’t solve everything! There is no one panacea to all dog behaviour problems. If your dog has a major behavioural problem such as aggression, this training programme needs to be used alongside professional behavioural help. You can find a local, qualified behaviourist by asking your veterinary surgeon for a referral or by visiting the APBC site here (

Firstly, ask yourself why you do not want to use food in training. If it is because you think your dog will gain too much weight, remember you are in control of his food. If you have used a lot of food during a training session simply cut down a little on the dog’s daily meals. Perhaps you want your dog to learn just using praise or pats. If this is so, think about it from the dog’s point of view. Most of the tasks we ask dogs to perform do not come naturally to them. We are asking them to learn human rules, tasks and boundaries. Dogs learn by repeating rewarding behaviours, so if you can provide the reward he most enjoys, he will repeat the behaviour you are teaching. Most dogs find food highly rewarding. It’s the equivalent of his salary, and as we all have to feed our dogs anyway, why not use it to your advantage rather than just giving it away? Of course, if there is a medical reason for not wanting to use food, please consult your veterinary surgeon.

Using a clicker is super-effective, and we do recommend that you invest in one (they are all of £2.00 each!). However, if you don’t have one, that’s fine – you will need to choose a word to act as your clicker instead – and this needs to be unique and something you only say in training with your dog. We suggest ‘Click’! More information on this is found in the programme itself.

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