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Hi, I’m Sarah Whitehead

Sarah is an international lecturer and speaker who’s specialities are aggression in dogs, weird and wonderful problems in cats, puppy development, adolescent dog issues and canine and feline body language and facial expression.

Speaking Topics

just a few favourites

Puppy socialisation – three things it should not include!

‘Socialisation’ has become an accepted concept in dog behaviour – but what do we really mean by this, and how can we ensure that we are giving our puppies the very best start, and not inadvertently creating problems for the future.

“He’s Only Playing!” Dog-Dog Play – what’s OK, what’s not?

Let’s face it, when we come to watching dogs play together, we can only admit how little we know. Why do they play? How do they learn? Do all dogs need to play? When is play OK – and more importantly, when is it not?

Emotional Intelligence

A unique approach to canine behaviour, looking at emotional expression and communication via the subtleties of body language and micro expressions. Because brilliant two-way communication is the key to being a team with your dog.

Puppy Biting

We’ve long been told that puppy biting is the way that dogs learn ‘bite inhibition’, and that emulating littermate response is the way we should handle it. But what if the evidence suggests otherwise, and we need to rethink our approach? Sarah busts some behavioural myths.

Scent communication – or why it’s OK to smell like your dog!

Why does my dog like to lick me (especially after I’ve had a shower!) Why does my dog want to roll on the rug after he’s had a bath? And why might dogs like (or not like) us stroking them in the first place? ‘Scent Communication in Dogs’ is a fascinating and informative subject, and I promise you’ll never look at licking, toy sharing or certain tufts of hair the same way again.

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