Internationally Renowned Speaker, Best-selling Author and a Global Leading Authority on Canine Behaviour and Training
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Internationally Renowned Speaker, Best-selling Author and a Global Leading Authority on Canine Behaviour and Training
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    Sarah’s Passion

    At the start of my career, I was lucky enough to be mentored by, and then work alongside, John Fisher – the original ‘dog whisperer’.

    As a result of John’s experience, knowledge and support, I succeeded in building a career that had my heart and soul at its very centre. Nearly 30 years on, and I am still just as passionate about helping dogs, cats and their owners, using kind, force-free methods, and getting great results using the science and art of positive reinforcement.

    Now though, I believe I have another role too – helping others to fulfill their potential as trainers and behaviourists, through education, coaching, mentoring and occasional hand-holding, (because sometimes the very best trainers seem to lack confidence in themselves).

    The reality is that to be a brilliant behaviourist, you need to be an exceptional dog trainer. And to be a superlative trainer, you need to understand behviour inside and out.

    I’m here to help and guide you with both.

    So, whether you are here for a sniff of inspiration, want to join me on a practical hands-on clicker training course, or would like to dive into a full ‘roll-over’ with an accredited educational programme, we can help.

    Oh, and for those that are already out there doing it – there’s my online CPD Programme, the ‘Inner Circle’.

    I hope to see you soon.

    A bit about Sarah

    Sarah Whitehead, BA(Hons), MSc is a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, with a passion for canine body language and facial expression.

    Synonymous with excellence

    Sarah Whitehead has over 25 years experience in the industry, she is a world renowned international lecturer, best selling author and pet behaviour counsellor seeing dogs and cats with behavioural problems on referral from veterinary surgeons (even consulting with the Royal Family!).

    Sarah has an MSc in Animal Behaviour and is a full member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) and APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers, no 00156). She is also one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) and is an Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

    Sarah Whitehead

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    Second Dog Rules

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    Sarah’s amazingly fast and effective training programme, ’21-days to a Clever Dog’ was filmed with dogs in a rescue centre that neither she, not her colleague, Stella, had ever met before!

    This is real-life, fun, fast training. It takes only a few minutes each day but gives great, lasting results.

    Perfect for rehomed dogs, dogs that have never had any training before, AND dogs with existing behaviour problems.

    We cover all the basics: attention, recall, walking nicely on lead, sit, down, drop, leave it and settle down: all using positive reinforcement and behavioural understanding.

    Uncover your dog’s natural genius in just 21 days! (And just in case you are pushed for time, you have lifetime access.)

    The Clever Dog Company is Sarah’s brainchild – dedicated to developing the very best, kindest, and most effective training for dogs and their owners across the country.

    If you’re after state-of-the-art training for a new puppy, a newly rehomed dog, or need help with a behavioural issue, you’ve come to the right place…

    We offer bespoke training packages, 1-1 help, group sessions and specialist puppy classes.

    (Oh, and if you are someone who knows they’ve been put here to train dogs and their people, take a look at Sarah’s ‘train the trainer’ scheme, The Clever Dog Company Method.)

    Designed and written specifically for all those who are helping others with their dogs’ behaviour and training – like-minded trainers, behaviourists and aspiring canine professionals, Sarah’s online CPD Programme is the perfect way to keep bang up-to-date, gain inspiration and enjoying being part of a collarorative community, all without leaving your desk or sofa!

    Dive into a monthly mix of: research discoveries, Sarah’s unique body language webinars, video sessions, owner guides and checklists, audio guides, marketing help, and Q&A sessions with Sarah. All for only £35 per month – and no tie-in!

    Sarah’s completely unique business Mastermind group.

    The 1% Club is for those truly entrepreneurial business minds, who want to grow their canine-related business beyond the average goals and dreams.

    Some of this year’s amazing group have seen income increase by over 40%, as a direct result of the focus and strategies that the 1% Club has given them.

    Membership is by application only. Send us a message if this sounds like the group for you!

    In your heart you know you should be working with dogs (and their people).

    But there’s something holding you back.

    You will tell yourself it’s the money, or the fact that you need an MSc to get started (you don’t), or that you need to just do another X (fill in the blanks) number of courses.

    But really it’s just that you need a bit of help to get started. From someone who has been there and done it – and is still out there doing it too! That’s what I’m here for!

    I have now helped more than 50 people get going in this industry, creating their own successful training businesses and doing something that they love, every day.

    To find out more about my personal mentoring scheme, watch the video:

    It could be life-changing.

    Discover the secrets of your dog’s hidden language with Sarah’s canine body language and facial expression course.

    Sarah’s online course is designed to be fast, fun and effective! Learn dog body language in the comfort of your own home via her online course, at an amazing introductory price.

    Fully accredited education courses with Sarah Whitehead.
    Want to get a foot on the rung of canine behaviour and training as a new career, or advance your own knowledge?

    ThinkDog! Certificate is our most popular accredited course. Six-months in duration, the course is home study (correspondence) and reflects the most up-to-date and forward-thinking ideas and science. The course is accredited by Laser Learning (Open College Network South East Region).

    We also offer the chance to come and train with Sarah herself at our ThinkDog! Practical course. This is a two-day attendance course, held at a rehoming centre in the South of England (currently Battersea Dogs’ and Cat’s Home, Old Windsor). We train with the dogs in the centre who are awaiting new homes – and we make sure that they have the very best training experience of their lives – and you do too!

    For more details and information on all Sarah’s other accredited courses too, check out

    Sarah Whitehead’s ‘Train Your Dog Online’ course is a new concept in kind, fair and effective dog training. In only four weeks you will discover just how easy it is to train your own puppy in the comfort of your living room. OK, so we might ask you to venture into the kitchen or the garden once in a while, but essentially, this training programme is designed for those who want quick, easy and long-lasting results while having some fun along the way!

    Sarah’s methods are suitable for all dogs, no matter what breed, type, shape, size or age – and you’ll see just how much they love to learn. All the family can get involved in training too – whether you are eight or 80, have had a lifetime with dogs or are a new owner, the methods are for you.

    • Perfect for puppies!
    • Great for building confidence in rescue dogs

    Online dog training works very simply. Once you have signed up, you will be sent video tutorial lessons designed to be followed for four weeks which you access through the website:

    The course will teach you how to train your dog:

    • Not to pull on lead
    • Work with distractions
    • Respond to you quickly and calmly
    • Leave things alone that you don’t want him to touch!
    • Plus lots more!