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I often get asked to do interviews and podcasts on dog (and sometimes cat) behaviour and training, and I love doing them … especially when the interviewer has enough confidence to allow us to go somewhat ‘off piste’ as part of the conversation.

Oli Juste has done so well with his training career – featuring on TV and in the national media – he really is a great example of how I believe that people can grow in this industry, with the right open-minded approach and a willingness to keep up to date with the most modern, effective, positive reinforcement methods. In fact, as Oli started with my ThinkDog! accredited courses, I rather feel like a proud mother hen!

Oli and Sarah
Olivier Juste and Sarah Whitehead

Oli’s new podcast “A Dog’s Best Friend” features a mix of experts and celebrities – all with one thing in common of course. But I bet that none of his other guests manage to combine the social evolution of the domestic dog with a discussion about ‘Love Island’!

Listen here!

The podcast is just over 50 minutes in length and we cover a huge amount of ground. Enjoy!

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