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Travelling with Dogs

Sickness, drooling/salivating, whining and barking are some of the things that can occur when travelling with your dog.

From an early age it is important to make nice associations with the car. Feeding your puppy in the car while it is stationary can work well as an initial introduction. Each time you take your puppy out in the car try giving him a yummy treat-filled Kong to keep him amused and to establish a good association. Make sure you go to fun places: eg the park, or friends he knows and likes. There’s no use in putting him in the car if the only place you ever go is the vets!

It is very common for puppies to be car sick or salivate a lot. Start with very short, but frequent trips just round the block so that your puppy gets used to the motion of the car.

Some owners report success with alternative therapies such as Rescue Remedy, Cocullus and Ginger. Your vet will be able to advise you if you are unsure.

Barking and whining is also common for dogs travelling. Don’t be tempted to shout – this will only make matters worse by either scaring your puppy or rewarding him by giving him the attention. Using a crate for safety purposes and covering it with a blanket can often help. Again giving your puppy something to do such as chewing a Kong can also distract from the barking.

Safety in the car is also very important. Safety harnesses, dog guards and crates are all sensible options.

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