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10 Secrets of Happy Dog Walks

It’s up to you to make sure that your dog has a happy time out on walks. Not all dogs are friendly, and not all dogs want to play. Puppies and adolescents especially need you to watch out for them so they have positive experiences with other dogs Predict and Protect!

  1. Keep your dog in sight and watch him carefully. He should look relaxed and happy. If he’s tense, there’s probably a good reason
  2. Be aware: watch other dogs and owners. (Yes, this means turning off your mobile phone/earphones.) Follow your gut instincts; if in doubt about another dog approaching, turn and leave at speed!
  3. Train a great recall, so you can get your dog out of trouble if need be. Don’t be afraid to use treats with your own dog, but don’t give them to others
  4. Avoid meetings and greetings with other dogs on a tight lead. If someone else puts their dog on a lead, it’s polite to do the same, or avoid them completely
  5. Avoid large groups of unknown dogs – they can be intimidating for your dog
  6. Avoid flashpoints which might cause tension; picnics, kids playing games, runners, dogs that are playing with toys or are chasing each other
  7. Keep entrances and exits clear – a narrow area can be difficult for dogs to manoeuvre safely – they like to keep space between them
  8. Keep moving. Most trouble between dogs occurs when owners are static
  9. If your dog comes to you for help when out on a walk, help it! A dog that comes to its owner and goes behind them or jumps up is probably asking you to get it out of there…
  10. Be honest about your own dog’s behaviour – seek help if you need it

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