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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Your Trainer: Lottie Hanks (currently on maternity leave)

Based in: South and West London and surrounding areas

Lottie is based in London and understands the pressures of bringing up a dog in the city. Offering bespoke one-to-one training for your family and specialising in puppy training, Lottie will help you train your canine family member using positive, force-free, ethical dog training, and a lot of fun. Teaching owners to understand and communicate with their dog or puppy is Lottie’s passion.

Our canine family members aren’t pre-programmed to understand our human ways, so life can be confusing for them. Understanding your dog’s behaviour, and training with them is the key to you being a fantastic owner who knows how to communicate with your dog, and they with you. Training should be part of everyday life and Lottie believes involving the whole family is important. From developing bespoke training programmes for the kids to helping Mum and Dad settle a new dog or puppy into family life, Lottie will work with you to harness your dog or puppy’s natural genius and energy.

Lottie’s earliest childhood memory is of her parents bringing home a rescued Golden Retriever called Comet when she was just 3. Her fascination for dogs and their importance to humans began at that moment and she now loves life living with a very intelligent Working Cocker Spaniel called Chad.[/text_block]

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