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All dogs are different. Every single one.

And for this reason, you and your dog will be treated as the unique and special team that you are, with kindness, respect and with an emphasis on your goals, your success and your dog’s happiness.

Please click on the map to find your local Clever Dog Trainer, or on an individual profile to see more about that person’s practice.

Many of our trainers also offer virtual consultations and training sessions, giving them global reach – and this can be surprisingly fun and effective.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog very soon!

Contact Johanna

07779 042 289



“Positive, practical training that lasts”

Your Trainer: Johanna Smith

Currently relocating to Lancashire

Known as ‘The family-friendly dog trainer’, Johanna specialises in 1:1 training with Mums and their families. Jo has always had dogs, and, being a busy Mum herself, knows the demands a family can have.

As Jo is currently relocating, she’s not taking on new training clients at the moment. However, her brilliant booklet, “Training Your Poo” – specially for Cocker-poos, Labradoodles and all ‘poo crosses’ is available HERE

Contact Chantal

07740 580553


“Get your dog off to a great start!”

Your Trainer: Chantal Hughes

Based in: Guildford

Specialising in rescue dogs (but loves working with puppies too!), Chantal is based in Guildford and has two dogs of her own, one of which she rescued from a public shelter in Romania, helping her understand the journey and pitfalls that come with early life trauma. Having had dogs all her life, her busy career in marketing and raising her children has helped her realise her passion and go back to her first love, dogs. Working with owners and their dogs to achieve their individual training and behaviour goals is Chantal’s dream, and she can’t wait to meet people she can help.

Areas covered:

  • Guildford
  • Cranleigh
  • Cobham
  • Wimbledon

Contact Sandra

07901 556 633


Your Trainer: Sandra Raw

Based in: 20 mile radius of Worcester

A good trainer needs to know the methods for enabling a dog’s progression, whereas a great trainer has a dog’s happiness at the core of what he or she does. This is Sandra, and she acts with complete integrity with every one of her clients.

Owner of Worcester Dogs, Sandra offers a premium service allowing her to dedicate the right amount of time to each of her dog owners and their dogs, helping them bond and become happy, healthy pets.

Based in Worcester, Sandra has a passion for large breed dogs and owns two of her own. Her specialism in Animal Behaviour makes her a stand-out choice for anyone requiring a knowledgeable and qualified trainer with extensive experience and understanding of behavioural problems.

Contact Trudi

07973 600 954


“We hope to see you and your dog very soon!”

Your Trainer: Trudi Sheridan

Based in: North Devon

Trudi grew up with border collies and has a passion for dogs and positive, effective and life lasting training. She loves showing owners what their dogs can do and helping them to unleash the genius in their dog whilst have fun and building a great life long bond.

Living in Georgeham, North Devon, Trudi often trains dogs on the beautiful surrounding beaches and helps them to become ‘beach ready’!

In her spare time Trudi volunteers at the Dogs Trust where she trains dogs waiting for rehome, and has recently had her heart stolen by Reggie, a staffie cross, who she’s recently adopted.

Contact Lottie

07725 833 871


“We hope to see you and your dog very soon!”

Your Trainer: Lottie Hanks (currently on maternity leave)

Based in: South and West London and surrounding areas

Lottie is based in London and understands the pressures of bringing up a dog in the city. Offering bespoke one-to-one training for your family and specialising in puppy training, Lottie will help you train your canine family member using positive, force-free, ethical dog training, and a lot of fun. Teaching owners to understand and communicate with their dog or puppy is Lottie’s passion.

Our canine family members aren’t pre-programmed to understand our human ways, so life can be confusing for them. Understanding your dog’s behaviour, and training with them is the key to you being a fantastic owner who knows how to communicate with your dog, and they with you. Training should be part of everyday life and Lottie believes involving the whole family is important. From developing bespoke training programmes for the kids to helping Mum and Dad settle a new dog or puppy into family life, Lottie will work with you to harness your dog or puppy’s natural genius and energy.

Lottie’s earliest childhood memory is of her parents bringing home a rescued Golden Retriever called Comet when she was just 3. Her fascination for dogs and their importance to humans began at that moment and she now loves life living with a very intelligent Working Cocker Spaniel called Chad.

Contact Davey

07427 130 690


“We hope to see you and your dog very soon!”

Your Trainer: Davey Atkinson

Based in: East Devon/Dorset border

Davey is best known as the ‘Terrier Trainer’ he loves nothing more than a challenge to train the ‘untrainable’!

Davey offers positive one-to-one training for puppies and dogs in East Devon and Dorset. He specialises in Terrier training; helping the little terrors of the canine community become well-mannered family pets without surrendering that all-important spark that makes them so endearing. Sharing a house with a highly spirited Jack Russell, Davey has set out to prove that Terriers are not as untrainable as some might think!

Contact Angela

07815053449 / 01843-310012


Your Trainer: Angela Fraser

Based in: Thanet, Kent. Covering surrounding areas.

Angela and her team specialise in Individual Dog Walking tailored to suit your dogs, Age, Health and Breed. She also offers Personalised one-to-one positive, reward-based dog training in your home, making it fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.

Angela’s mission is to help you to create that special bond and connection between owner and dog for life.

Your Trainer: Sean Hyden

Based in: South London. Sean is happy to work with dogs and owners in the following London postcodes: SW2, SW4, SW8, SW9, SW11, SE1, SE5, SE11, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE21, SE22, SE24, SE27

This roughly equates to the following areas of London: Camberwell, Brixton, Oval, Kennington, Stockwell, Nine Elms, Vauxhall, Battersea, Clapham, Herne Hill, Dulwich, Peckham, Walworth, Elephant & Castle, Southwark, Bermondsey, Surrey Quays, West Norwood)

Sean provides professional and bespoke one-to-one dog training for puppies, adult and senior dogs in the comfort of your own home, helping you train your dog in everything you will need to ensure you can enjoy your dog as a much loved, well behaved member of your family.

Sean combines his experiences using positive, modern, ethical approaches to train dogs with skills learned from his previous teaching career to be able to provide clear guidance to his clients on how to achieve training objectives. Sean will help you get the most out of your relationship with your dog and to improve your confidence in your abilities as a dog owner.

Contact Lynn

Phone: 07434 699 062


Your Trainer: Lynn Byford

Based in: East Dunbartonshire and surrounding areas, North Glasgow

Lynn is based in East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, and is co-owner of Best Paw Froward Training. She is passionate about creating that unique and life-long relationship of trust and harmony with every individual owner and their new puppy or dog.

It was during her 14 years as a Registered Veterinary Nurse that Lynn took a particular interest in the relationship of dog behaviour and their training (or usually lack of training!). She now specialises in working with puppies, but also loves the challenges of working with re-homed dogs, giving them all the best possible chance to succeed in life.

Lynn is excited and proud to be a “Clever Dog Company Method Trainer”; to be able to teach and spread the importance of “force-free”, positive reinforcement training, give her a call today to put your ‘best paw forward’ in training.

Contact Alexandra

Your Trainer: Alexandra Nelke

Based in: Malmo, Sweden (but available globally via online sessions!)

From puppy training packages to working with bouncy adolescents or adult dogs facing a behaviour challenge, Alex creates bespoke training programmes that work! Available worldwide via her virtual sessions that address the dog’s needs as well as fit around the owner’s lifestyle.

Alex’s aim is to teach you how to understand and communicate with your dog while working on solid foundation behaviours and important real life skills.

Contact Sarah

Your trainer: Sarah Ledermann

Based in: Finchley, North London

Growing up with pets at home, Sarah has always loved dogs and knows the joy they bring to a family home. As a mum of two, she understands how busy family life can be and therefore specialises in providing personalised programmes to help families with their new puppies. She knows that by starting early, with the right training programme, they will grow into happy, confident dogs who can easily fit into their family’s lifestyle. Using a positive, science-based approach, Sarah aims to help every member of the family build a strong relationship with their dogs based on trust, fun interactions and affection.

Areas covered: North London

Contact Tracy

Phone: 07434 699 062


Your Trainer: Tracy Jones

Based in: East Dunbartonshire and North Glasgow

Tracy is based in East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, and is co-owner of Best Paw Forward Training. Her aim is to educate owners that training “can be” and “should be” FUN for all. She is committed to showing owners the results from “force-free” training and pet care and has an interest in working with shy or nervous dogs.

Previously employed as a Registered Veterinary Nurse for 25 years, Tracy’s experience and knowledge include; nutrition, physiotherapy and general health and well-being of your new puppy or dog. Delighted to now be a “Clever Dog Company Method Trainer”, Tracy has also recently completed The UK College of Scent Dogs instructors course.

Contact Claire



“We hope to see you and your dog very soon”

Your Instructor: Claire Johnson

Based in: Hampshire

One-to-one training for puppies and dogs in Hampshire!

Claire has been lucky enough to have been able to work with dogs in one way or another for the last 20 years, she currently shares her home with two wonderful and creative dogs of a more unusual breed, Kooikerhondje. Claire has a passion for positive, fun, engaging, science based reward training, knowing that if it isn’t enjoyable for you or the dog it is unlikely that you will continue with your training.
Claire works with older dogs with a number of issues, but particularly focuses on young puppies and the challenges living with them bring, working on a 1-2-1 basis at a time to fit around your life.
I live in a very small town called Romsey in Hampshire, I try and target people in Winchester, but do cover a large area of south Hampshire.

Contact Elke

Your Trainer: Elke Springett

Based in: Welwyn Garden City

Elke specialises in one-to-one training for puppies and adolescent dogs in your own home, and online.
She is passionate about helping owners to not only ‘survive’ those critical first weeks and months with their puppies, but to truly thrive and lay the foundations for many happy years together.

You and your puppy will benefit from Elke’s experience as volunteer puppy trainer for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, taking puppies through their first year of training in her own home.

Elke loves coaching people just as much as training dogs. She honed her ‘cheerleading’ skills during her years as assistant agility instructor, and … here’s a special note for German speakers: prefer to teach your puppy ‘Sitz, Platz, Fuss’? No problem! All training can be done in German, too!

Areas covered:

  • Welywyn Garden City
  • Hatfield
  • Surrounding Areas

Contact Vanya-Louise

07725 336 019



I have a deep rooted passion for dogs and all things canine!” 

Your Trainer: Vanya-Louise Matthews

Based in: Outside of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

Currently our most Northerly trainer, Vanya-Louise is based just outside Inverurie in Aberdeenshire (North East Scotland). She has 3 dogs of her own (2 of which are rescue – one local, one from abroad).

From her experience with re-homed (and sometimes tricky) German Shepherds, Vanya has generated a particular interest in dog behaviour and training, with an emphasis on re-homed adult dogs who may lack in basic education and social skills.

Areas covered:

Ask for further afield too!

Contact Polly

07939 062742


Your Trainer: Polly Moore

Based in: West London and surrounding areas

Polly has had over 17 years experience working with a variety of breeds both big and small, but is continuously updating her knowledge.
Specialising particularly in puppies and adolescents, Polly also has a passion for helping re-homed dogs.
Polly will help you to train your doggy family member using positive methods that are fun, kind, and effective.

Contact Louisa

07799 760520


Your Trainer: Louisa Manning

Louisa has a lovely vision – “In a perfect world every dog would have a home, and every home would have a dog.” With a young family, partially sighted adolescent puppy Armin and rescue Collie Jessie, she can fully empathise with the training and behaviour challenges dogs can bring! Louisa’s methods are modern, fun, kind and effective and will help to secure your early bond; helping you to live in harmony with your dog.

Louisa offers 1-1 training, behaviour home visits and online consultations

Contact Leann

Phone: 077563 165 576


Your Trainer: Leann Layfield

Based in: North west Wiltshire, within an hour drive from Westbury, Wiltshire

Leann has worked for over 20 years as a veterinary nurse. During this time has witnessed how stressful raising and training a puppy can be. Leann once had her own unruly Lurcher and found training to be difficult but received support from training that has helped her to transform her unruly Lurcher into a delightful dog.

That experience has empowered Leann to help many other dog owners who are struggling and want to experience transformative training for their dog. Leann specialises in puppy and adolescent training, so if you are feeling overwhelmed by an unruly dog, get in touch with Leann to start your training package today.

Contact Emma

07908 455131



“What gets rewarded gets repeated!”

Your Trainer: Emma Beesley, APDT 01207

Based in: Horton, Gloucestershire

Emma runs Puppy socialisation & training classes

Areas covered:

  • Horton
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • South Glos


  • Puppy
  • Beginner
  • Puppy II
  • Graduate

Next courses: Please call 07908 455131 for start dates and times

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