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ThinkDog!™ Foundation

Course details:

An excellent foundation in the care and behaviour of pet dogs.

A great place to start! This foundation course is designed to offer an overview of the domestic dog living in a human world today.

What you will learn:

Unit One: Canine Social Evolution. This Unit explores the different theories of canine social evolution: do dogs really see us as a ‘pack’? Canine care – we take a closer look at dogs’ hierarchy of needs – both physical and behavioural. The emotional life of dogs – an introduction to this fascinating subject.

Unit Two: Learning to be a dog – understanding critical phases and the importance of socialisation. How dogs live with us – similarities and differences in our understanding of the world. How dogs communicate – canine body language and social expression.

Unit Three: Different breeds – different needs. This Unit looks at the specific behavioural differences between breeds and the importance of allowing dogs to express ‘hard-wired’ drives through training and appropriate outlets. How dogs learn – a user-friendly guide to learning theory with practical applications to ensure that we are always offering the best possible training.

Who is this course for?

Prospective dog owners, enlightened owners who wish to know more about their dog’s behaviour. Those considering a career in the field of pet behaviour, who currently have little or no experience or previous study.

Instalment option:
For your convenience, we accept payment in four easy instalments. Please note that the deposit and first instalment need to be paid before course notes and resources are shipped to you. There is a small admin fee of £24 for paying by instalments – so you can save money by paying in full. 

Pay in Full £474 (inc. VAT) Save £24!

Pay in instalments £95 Deposit + 4 x payments £100.75 (inc.VAT)

(Deposit and first instalment are taken together on booking, then remaining instalments at 30 day intervals)

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