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Think Dog™ : Dog-to-Dog Aggression

Course details:

  • Written by Karen Yeandle
  • Edited by Sarah Whitehead
  • Tutored by Johanna Smith
  • Six-month home study (correspondence) course, with practical applications
  • Begins: Anytime
  • OCN accreditation – 16 credits at Level Four
  • Investment: £714 (inc. VAT)

An Advanced award in canine behaviour and training

This advanced-level course is home-study based, and includes some practically-based observations and research.

Dog-to-dog aggression is one of the most challenging aspects of canine behaviour faced by owners and specialists alike. This course aims to develop the learner’s understanding, options and knowledge to allow them to make the best decisions for owner and dog. It openly explores what works, and what doesn’t, with case histories and examples from real-life practice. The course also focuses on the essential ability to transfer understanding from theory to practise, whether in dog training or a supervised behaviour modification role.

What you will learn:

Unit One: Neuropsychology, Genetics and Diet.

Understanding the role of neurotransmitters in cases of aggression. How diet might affect behaviour, and understanding the heritable potential for pre-disposed behaviours.

Unit Two: Aggression – Contributory Factors.

Understanding emergent threat signals. Recognising likely causes for aggressive displays in dogs towards other dogs. The potential for prevention.

Unit Three: Threat signals / Methodology

Analysing body language and threat signals. Understanding and assessing varying behavioural interventions, and a look at the impact of positive punishment.

Unit Four: Optimal behaviour modification methods

Designing behaviour modification programmes that work. Recognising when control and management is the best option. Creating safe and compelling management plans.

Who is this course for?

Students who wish to focus on this vital area, and have successfully completed Think Dog! Certificate, Intermediate, or equivalent. (Do call us for advice or more information if you would like to discuss this further).

Instalment option:
For your convenience, we accept payment in four easy instalments. Please note that the deposit and first instalment need to be paid before course notes and resources are shipped to you. There is a small admin fee of £24 for paying by instalments – so you can save money by paying in full.

Pay in Full £714 (inc. VAT) Save £24!

Pay in instalments £95 Deposit + 4 x payments £160.75

(Deposit and first instalment are taken together on booking, then remaining instalments at 30 day intervals)

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