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Motivating Your Dog

The key to any training is knowing how to motivate your dog.

Knowing your dogs’ likes and dislikes will impact your training enormously. Does your dog prefer cheese or chicken, or would he much prefer a good game with a toy?

All dogs prefer different things. Generally, Labradors and Retrievers adore food and would most likely prefer a smelly bit of frankfurter to anything else. However, the terriers may prefer a good tug game with a ragger, collies and sheepdogs have a preference for chase games like fetch.

One dog may really enjoy being petted while others may not,so our response in training is important. If we animate ourselves, make noises, look excited as well as giving the reward it all adds to the motivation.

However be aware of what your dog finds rewarding. A lot of dogs don’t like being patted on the head, if you have a tendency to do this to your dog, watch his reaction to it. Does he really like it?

The quality of the reward

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