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Puppy Talk!

With Sarah Whitehead,
Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

So, you have a new puppy!

And you have already discovered that he or she doesn’t understand the word, “No!”

In fact, you seem to be having all kinds of miscommunications, which – although you love and adore the little smarty pants – is a bit frustrating!

Being able to observe, understand and respond to your puppy in a way that he or she understands, will not only make your training easier, it will build a lifetime of trust and good communication between you.

It means you will be able to:

  • Be your dog’s safe place
  • Encourage the behaviours you like (while diminishing those you don’t)
  • Know when he or she is feeling stressed or unhappy, to prevent escalation of defensive behaviour
  • Learn the subtle signs that tell you if your puppy is happy to interact with people
  • Understand your puppy’s needs, so you can truly be his or her best friend

This Programme is structured to be straight-forward, fast and fun!

12 easy-to-follow lessons, focusing on the areas that cause most miscommunication!

Photos and video tutorials that demonstrate clearly what to look for, so you can match what you see in the video to your own pupster.

Written information, tips and hints to enhance your training and your relationship with your pup.

Puppy Talk! Course Curriculum

Welcome to Puppy Talk! A message from Sarah

About Sarah

What’s my puppy saying?

1. Context is everything!

2. My puppy doesn’t listen!

3. He doesn’t understand the word ‘No’

4. But he looks guilty!

5. I want a cuddle but she keeps biting me!

6. My puppy won’t settle (OK… he’s just manic!)

Does your puppy need a diet change? Quick checklist

7. My puppy won’t walk on the lead

Bonus! Why your dog’s harness needs to fit like a bra

8. My puppy seems really shy

9. My puppy keeps mounting things!

10. My puppy won’t go to the loo anywhere outside the garden

11. My puppy growled at me over her food bowl (or toy, or chew, or bone, or something she’d picked up…)

12. I think my puppy is being aggressive (but I’m not sure…)


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