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For many years, the Clever Dog Company® have run puppy and dog training classes in the South of England under the guidance of Sarah Whitehead – Certified Clinical Animal behaviourist, and international lecturer on this specialist subject.
However, things have changed.

Our ethos is to ensure that every dog receives the best, most positive experience with training – it should be fun, get fast results, and suit your specific needs.

Years of experience has taught us that investing in 1-1 training at the outset of your relationship with your dog builds trust, good communication and superb responsiveness – without the potential stress of a group situation which can overwhelm new puppies and dogs at the beginning.

What matters at the outset is that you are your dog’s safe place!

Yes, of course, socialisation is important – but this comes later, once you have built a strong training foundation with your puppy and have stablished the kind of trust that’s needed before putting your puppy into a group situation.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to have at least one 1-1 session with a trainer before embarking on a group class.

Contact your nearest trainer here: Our amazing trainers!

Along with your 1-1 session, you will receive:

See what people say about us!

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“It was the most brilliant time” 11-year-old owner of one-year-old Westie, Rosie[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Excellent 1-1 course. Very pleased with Edward’s progress (and mine!)” Owner of 4-month-old Norfolk Terrier[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“It was great fun! Lots of information available. I learnt as much as my puppy did.” Owner of Bichon Frise, 4 months[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Many thanks for all your help and advice. I would recommend the programme to any new dog owner.” Owner of rescue Border Collie, 4 years[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Excellent trainers, always helpful and friendly.” Owner of Sally, crossbreed,16 weeks[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Really helpful – thank you all for all your help and advice – Boo says thanks too!” Owner of Jack Russell, 6 months[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Absolutely excellent – far better than any group course I could have attended.” Owner of 18- week Hungarian Vizsla rescue Border Collie, 4 years[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Could not believe how much I learnt!” Staffie owner, Woking[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“Very helpful, kind, knowledgeable trainer. Brilliant training methods – my 3 month old puppy is not only obedient, but also does tricks!” Owner of GSD puppy[/content_box_blue]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”]“I have been so impressed at the difference early socialisation has made to Rhos’s relationship with other dogs and people.” Owner of Border Collie, 7 months[/content_box_blue]

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