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Play Bows, or are they?

(Why you'll never use that phrase in the same way again!)

with Sarah Whitehead

MSc, CCAB, Full member of the APBC

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Come and join this fantastic on-demand webinar where Sarah shares her latest research, insights and discoveries on the misnomer we call 'play bows'.

If you've ever been on one of Sarah's webinars before you'll know there is no fluff, and it's not just theoretical -  she shares practical, real-world experience from her own behavioural and training work, and many years of research all delivered in an easy to digest manner with her usual injection of humour!

Here's a snippet of what Sarah will cover:

  • 1.

    Why we were led to use the expression 'play bow' in the first place

  • 2.

    What the behaviour pattern actually results in?

  • 3.

    Why a misinterpretation of the bow might be risky, and how we might be able to view it more accurately

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Looking forward to seeing you there!