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Dog and Cat Behaviour Help

We want our dogs and cats to be well-behaved, happy pets, which live sociably and happily as a part of our families. But sometimes things go wrong, and seeking expert help is a responsible solution.

Under the guidance of Sarah Whitehead, the Clever Dog Company behavioural team at the forefront of treating and preventing behaviour problems in dogs and cats, using a psychological approach to determine the cause of problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

By meeting the family, discussing the pet’s daily routine and observing their behaviour, an assessment and treatment plan can be formulated, using force-free, kind and effective methods which will fit in with the owner’s life-style.

All pet behavioural problems are seen on referral from your veterinary surgeon. This is for two reasons. The first is that many behaviour problems are directly related to clinical conditions. These may be ‘hidden’ and the only symptom is that your pet is behaving differently. Often, we will work closely with your vet to give your pet the best possible ‘joined-up’ treatment. The other is that Sarah Whitehead and her team follow the best practice guidelines of the APBC – of which Sarah is proud to be a full member.

Once referred, we will usually see you and your pet in your own home to assess the problem, discuss your goals and formulate a retraining or behaviour modification programme. On-going support and help is regarded as an important part of the process for our dog and cat behaviour help.

To download a referral form and more information about the consultation, click the links below:

Download referral form (PDF format)

Download more information about the consultation (PDF format)

Many of our behaviour specialists also offer one-to-one training. This is ideal for new puppies or rehomed dogs, to give them the best possible start, or for older dogs where training is context-specific or just needs that personal focus. For your nearest Clever Dog Company trainer, please click here.

NEED HELP IN A HURRY? Sarah also offers 1-1 online SOS behavioural help sessions. These are brilliant for first assessment, first-aid and peace of mind! More information and direct booking here: Behaviour SOS

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