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Author: Sarah Whitehead

Why your dog’s harness needs to fit like a bra!

Sound familiar? Well, it should! For years we have been told that a well-fitting bra is an essential component of our comfort and well-being, and yet time and again puppies and dogs are expected to wear an intimate piece of equipment that the owner chose on

Another Dog?

Written by Katy Guy I get asked all the time how I cope with 5 dogs. I hear things like.. “I bet they’re a handful”, or “which one is the boss”?  I often get told that someone is considering buying or getting a second dog to

Micro-expressions in dogs

You may already be familiar with the idea of ‘microexpressions’ in people – tiny little tell-tale signs in our facial movements that give away how we are feeling – and even what we are thinking…  But what about dogs? Do they have microexpressions too? And if

Face mask focus

Just a quickie … Of course, every dog is different, but as the owner of a ‘visually sensitive’ breed, I’m very much aware that the advent of people wearing face masks is something our dogs will need to cope with. So, sewing machine… suitable camo fabric…

What would you do for your dog?

Love was in the air last month when I launched a competition for a free spot on my ‘Learn to talk dog’ course, asking dog lovers from across the globe to share their ‘I love my dog so much I…’ confessions! It all started when I

Dogs, wolves &… love island

I often get asked to do interviews and podcasts on dog (and sometimes cat) behaviour and training, and I love doing them … especially when the interviewer has enough confidence to allow us to go somewhat ‘off piste’ as part of the conversation. Oli Juste has

‘Done for you’ training – a different perspective

Some of you may know that apart from dogs, I have a number of other passions! One of those is gardening.  I absolutely love my garden. I spend every spare moment out there and I am inclined to stop only when the light fails or the

You have to be a dog…

Do you ever look at your dog and think, “I wonder what it’s like to do that?” Now, if you having bad thoughts, that’s your problem….. I’m talking about rolling in the grass here, nothing more unsavoury! When I watch my dogs rolling (very usually, in

The Banana Recall

Bananas! It’s not just minions that come running for them apparently. In my house, we share a secret game with the dogs – it’s called ‘peel a banana without Skye realising’. I never win. Despite being at least three rooms away, and all my efforts at

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